What amenities are at the Gates of Mclean?

Are you thinking about living at the Gates of Mclean?  Here is an overview of the amenities available at the Gates of Mclean.  Be sure to check out our complete Gates of Mclean Real Estate Guide also!

On Site Management Office


The community has on-site management to answer questions and concerns during regular business hours.

Outdoor Pool


Relax outdoor in the summer with the onsite outdoor pool, which is located right behind the community center.  In accordance with Virginia law, all pools have lifeguards when they are open.

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Fitness Center


The Gates of Mclean fitness center has various cardio and weight machines.  They have a great selection compared to many of the other condos in the area.

Business Center & Conference Room


There is also an on-site business center with a computer and conference table.  This is located inside the community center also.

Basketball Court


Towards the rear of the community there is an outdoor basketball court located on site as well.

BBQ Grill


There are also BBQ grills and a picnic area located in the back of the community also.



Located between condo buildings, there is a shaded playground area for kids.

Overall, the Gates of Mclean have the essential amenities found in many of the Tysons Condos, such as a fitness center and outdoor pool.  For a complete guide to all Tysons Condos and amenities, get our Tysons Condo Guide today.